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For sociable, single, professional people
Parties for all age ranges from 30's/40's, 40's/50's, 50’s/60’s and 60 plus

Welcome to Hart to Heart - we organise exclusive drinks parties for single, sociable and professional people.

We offer you the opportunity to meet other single people in a relaxed, warm and friendly environment at an elegant venue – make new friends, have some fun and possibly find romance.

There are no embarrassing games or gimmicks. It is a simple concept and one that works. You will always find an equal number of male and female guests at our events, all of whom have been personally invited, enjoying drinks and good conversation. Meeting a potential partner in this way, through a network of friends and friends of friends, is so much more natural than suffering the tribulations of internet dating. You'll come away with new friends and possibly some romantic sparks and at the very least, you will have had a great night out.

It's not always easy being single or finding the right venue to meet the right person. Hart to Heart offers you an enjoyable exclusive evening and a real opportunity to find romance.

For the date of our next party, more information and details of how to book – bookings made in advance only - please email


Hart to Heart Parties are a great success – here are some of the comments we have received post party


"Your events have been recommended to me through a chance meeting with one of your guests on a commuter train into London. Good news travels fast!"

"I loathe internet dating and think your idea is so brilliant. I have only managed to come once but thoroughly enjoyed the evening."

"Thanks Lynn – well done! I thought the venue was fabulous and moving the men around was a good idea."

"The venue last night was great- also your new format of getting people to move around for a part of the evening worked really well. There was a great mix of people this time too. It was certainly worth braving the snow."

"Thank you for putting on a great event. I thought it worked really well. Venue is perfect for that kind of thing and brilliant to have it as a private party so not self-conscious at all. I like the idea of moving people around for a part of the night because it means you get to 'look' without being rude to the person you're talking to!"

"Thank you so much for a lovely evening. I really enjoyed myself and met some great people. I thought the venue was wonderful. It felt warm and welcoming. I thought the idea of moving the men around was brilliant, although I still didn't get a chance to speak to as many people as I would have liked. But I'll know for next time. 😊 There were a couple of gentlemen who caught my eye but I wasn't brave enough to approach them when they were busy chatting. Again, more confidence next time I think! Many thanks and I look forward to coming along to another event soon."

"Thank you for a lovely event. I really enjoyed the new venue and was surprised by the turnout in the weather. I like the idea of a mixer to get people moving and talking."

"Thank you for last night, it was a lovely evening and a stunning venue and I enjoyed your new mingling techniques."

"First of all it was a pleasure to meet you last night . You do so very well bringing all those people together . As you mentioned in past emails A real good mixture of people both male and female . I felt quite nervous for a time - but eventually settled down and had some really nice conversations . Met some lovely people ' whom I'd not normally have met '. The evening started slowly but like all things raced away at the end - when people started going home . Well done on your perfectly organised evening."

"Please forgive me for the delay in thanking you for the Monday night at The Horns. It was as an enjoyable evening and although I did not meet anyone to swap numbers with it was good to chat to different people."

"Thank you for putting on an excellent evening at the Horns last week. I had a very nice time and it was so good to be in single company rather than couples as is usually the case at an evening soiree! And, most people there were local which is another great advantage especially if you do hit it off with someone. Speaking of which, thought I'd also let you know that I loved talking to xxx that evening and have already been out to lunch and we're hoping to meet up again this week. He is such a lovely man and fingers crossed we will carry on seeing one another! Once again, thank you for your lovely hospitality."

"Thank you Lynn. For your hospitality and such a nice evening! I met some really nice and interesting people and please do keep me on your guest list please."

"I thought the Singles Night at The Horns was great and very enjoyable. I had no idea that I had made any particular connection with xxxx although she did introduce me to some fun people. Thank you for passing on her details and I will certainly get in touch with her.It was so nice of you to act as a go between."

"Hello Lynn I want to thank you for facilitating my introduction to Deborah on the 25th. We have spent a lot of time together these last two weeks and intend to continue doing so. :) With thanks again."

"Thanks for organising. It was my first dip into "dating" since my divorce 7 years ago, so quite a challenge. I didn't exchange numbers with Richard. Would you be kind enough to ask him if he'd like to stay in touch. I met some lovely ladies who I will be delighted to see around town too!"

"Thank you so much for a really lovely evening, I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a beautiful place and everybody was really friendly. I was a bit nervous beforehand, but that went very quickly. I chatted to loads of people, but not sure if there was anybody in particular that would like to see me again. I do hope that I can come again next time."

"Really enjoyed myself and happy to have met so many new friendly faces again. You make it an easy, safe and enjoyable environment for people to meet."

"Just a quick note to say I have been getting to know a lovely man over the past few months so perhaps you will take me off your mailing list. I hope you're very well and good luck with the next party. I think they are very well organised and an enjoyable way to widen a friendship group, and maybe lead to more. If I need to then I'll be back!"

"Lovely to meet you last night. Congratulations on the execution of a great event – relaxed, informal and superb venue."

"As I said before... a great evening, seriously, I must say I was a little apprehensive going into a room full of strangers and actually found it rather liberating going up to people saying "Hi"... it's not something I normally do but I had a great time and shall definitely come again!"

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to join your lovely evening. I felt very welcome, in particular by you who greeted us upon arrival. A beautiful venue as well, I learnt more about what Henley has to offer. Almost not enough time to properly meet everyone and have a conversation with all. Had a very nice evening and a great start to the week."

"My thanks and congratulations for a very enjoyable event on Monday. I'm glad I went: obviously the setting and weather were just perfect, but more importantly the party didn't feel forced and we all had plenty to talk about OTHER than being single! What struck me most was that here was an opportunity to make new connections with people involved in different activities (business and leisure) than our own, so in other words people we wouldn't necessarily come into contact with otherwise. I'd be interested in attending another party in future."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a lovely evening last night. You organised it perfectly and created just the right ambience. You run a great venture. I totally take my hat off to you with your fabulous event. Your tried and tested methodology is doing a fantastic job and I will certainly be recommending your evenings to singletons I meet. I do like the way your events are 'exclusive'…it makes it even more special."

"Firstly, it was lovely to see you again - you looked stunning, a real stand out host! Secondly, the setting was amazing - and made even better by the weather, so we could all enjoy the terrace and views! I thought the format for the evening was pretty much spot on - as in there wasn't any! Everyone looked as if they enjoyed themselves - I did have a look around every now and then and didn't see anyone on their own. It had the feeling of a friend's party or wedding reception - very relaxed. I personally had decided to go with no objective apart from to have a nice time and chat to a few new people - which I obviously achieved! However, I'm definitely out of practice with taking it to the next level and actually asking for a number or to meet again - but there's always next time! A few friends have asked me how it went and, after hearing my reports of the event, are keen to come to the next one. Look forward to seeing you again."

"To be honest, I had been dreading it, and wondering how on earth I managed to be talked into going, but I'm so glad I went. Everyone was warm and welcoming, and happy to talk -- not just the men but the other women too, which meant it wasn't the gladiatorial contest I had been so nervous about! It was great to go to a party and be myself, not the sad singleton (viewed either as an object of pity or a potential husband-stealer), knowing that I could talk to anybody and that they would be glad to talk to me too. I would love to come to the next evening, so please keep me posted."

"Thank you for a wonderful evening last night, great location and some wonderful company and more importantly new friends!"

"It truly is a beautiful service that you are providing for single people. I really enjoyed the evening. The locality is brilliant, both inside and out. Helps to make you feel special and therefore conducive to opening up and taking a risk! 4 people I already knew - all women! Yes, I'd love to come again."

"I just wanted to thank you for a super evening last night - I thoroughly enjoyed it and you couldn't have chosen a nicer venue then Danesfield. It was lovely to meet you and to mix with so many nice people, although this time I didn't meet anyone special, I did however make a new female friend."

"After receiving your latest invitation, I realised I no longer need to come. I found my partner through a friend but thank you for your contact and support – you gave me the confidence to go out and find him. In fact I have recommended your site to my ex husband and one of my girlfriends as a good way to meet new people so hopefully they will take it up. Very best wishes and keep on."


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